Jealousy is a devilish spirit. It entwines with deceit, envy, strife, and violence. Jealousy can open the door to many other sins and/or potentially lead to murder.  Just to hear someone say a good job, well done, triggers jealousy to arise.  It is a strong emotion that ruined many lives.  Here is a shortlist of examples:  Joseph brothers were deceitful and jealous of him because his father, Jacob, loved him so much and made him a special coat of many colors.   Cain was angry and jealous of his brother, Abel.  He killed him out of envy. Rebekah had the spirit of Cain—deceit, and jealousy.  She convinced Jacob to steal his brother Esau’s birthright although God had already promised the birthright to Jacob.  The people made more of David’s single victory than all of Saul’s. From that moment Saul went into a rage, kept a jealous eye on David, and plotted to kill him.

Jealousy can cause you to make a complete fool of yourself. The madness still runs rampant today. Just look around our cities at the senseless murders that befall because of jealousy.   Do not let jealousy control your life!  Rejoice with those who are being blessed around you! Demonstrate spiritual maturity by responding with authentic joy for what God is doing in someone else life.  You may say, “easier said than done.”

Well, lift up your hands today and ask God to help you.  Confess, “I want the Spirit of Christ and not a spirit of jealousy.”  If you confess your sins, He will forgive you and cleanse you not just from jealousy, but from ALL unrighteousness.  (See I John 1:9).   Allow the Spirit of God to come into your heart and cleanse you today! Recognize that divine life does not derive just by keeping God’s laws; you must give Him your whole heart.  Read the story of the rich, young ruler in Matthew 19:16,17,20-22.  Thank God for Jesus!