What We Do




  • 15-Minute Power Prayer: Wednesdays at noon & Thursdays at 8 pm.
  • 12 Midnight Exhortation and Prayer Hour (Every Friday)
  • Intercession and Restoration Groups or Private Sessions (By Appointment)
  • W.O.V.E.N (Women of Victory Empowerment Network)
  • Family Living (sessions with married couples and or their family)
  • Global Outreach: Supporting Benin, WA, orphanages in Kenya, EA, & Asia
  • Holistic ministry training via teaching and speaking gatherings
VHIM is facilitated through seminars, workshops, conferences, private intercessions, restoration sessions, and church services. The ministry is biblically aligned with the central teachings of the Holy Scriptures.
VHIM is here to serve you. God has equipped us with diverse anointings and gifts to aid you in your spiritual growth.
Contact us here if you would like us to pray for you.
You may also forward your request to info@victoryhouseinternational.org


VHIM is a one-of-a-kind ministry of presence. VHIM affiliates with Christian ministries serving nationwide to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We sincerely believe the men and women who are directing and serving in our affiliated ministries are called, gifted, and dedicated to helping you reach your highest potential in Jesus Christ.