V.I.H.M Ministry


Victory in Him Ministry (V.I.H.M)  for Men

The mission of VIHM’s ministry is to provide men from all walks of life with resources to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ.
VIHM is a ministry specifically designed to create an atmosphere for men to encounter the presence of God, to equip men in Biblical principles applicable for today; to minister in areas specifically related to men; and to build up friendships with a purpose of helping each other grow in their faith in Christ.
Men are given the opportunity to gather and fellowship around the Word of God. This includes monthly small group fellowship, worship, Bible studies, special event gatherings/retreats, men’s conferences, men’s breakfast, prayer groups, or just talking over a cup of coffee.
The purpose of meeting together is to build one another up in the faith, hold each other accountable, pray for one another’s needs, and encourage each other to continue steadfast in our Christian faith.
We desire to equip and strengthen men in their faith so they may go back to their homes, workplaces, and communities and be an influence for Christ!

VIHM’s Fellowship Gathering: “Men or Valor”

Equipping men with God’s word so they can make a godly impact in their homes and in their workplaces. Through our rap session, sound biblical advice, and small group, men will have the necessary tools to accomplish this goal. Invite someone who need Jesus Christ to change their life.
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