SATURDAYS -MAY 28, JUNE 4, 11, 18, 2022, 10 am -12 pm
COST: $50
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Job 33:14-18 – “God speaks again and again, when deep sleep falls on people…”
Dreams are God’s love language to you. God deposits and entrusts you with dreams. They are golden nuggets He gives to you when you are asleep. He speaks through dreams and visions to give you guidance, builds your faith, for correction, warning, direction, comfort, healing, creativity, calling, destiny, to speak prophetically, and so much more. You were created to hear God’s voice. What are you doing with your golden nuggets? As believers, it is our kingly and priestly right to seek God for the meaning of what He is saying to us.


The course is designed to equip you to understand plainly what God is saying to you. The Holy Scriptures, the foundation, will be used to explore how God speaks through dreams today. Students will gain knowledge about Biblical principles on how to interpret your God-given dreams. Students will be trained on how to listen and to rely on the Lord for the interpretation. This engaging and winning teaching will stimulate your world of spiritual dreams, enlighten your understanding of the dreams you dream, and help you interpret your dreams.
In this interactive course you will:
  • Explore Biblical examples and terminology of dreams.
  • Learn how God communicates with mankind through dreams.
  • Acquire the skills to discern the category and meaning of your dream.
  • Learn to differentiate if a dream is from God.
  • Introduction to the basic meaning of symbols, elements, and parabolic principles.
  • Learn God’s voice through the metaphorical language and the Biblical model for dreams.
  • Introduction to God’s use of colors, animals & numbers in dreams.
  • Increase understanding of God’s heavenly language.
  • Develop your dream vocabulary.
  • Explore common dreams.
  • Become a better steward of your “golden nuggets!”
  • Learn how to prepare yourself for God-encounters as you prepare to sleep.
  • Learn a Biblical, God-inspired interpretive method to interpretation.
  • Allow God to develop your ability to interpret your dreams.


  • Once enrolled, you will be provided with instructions for the required course material.
  • The Holy Bible


This online instructional method for this course with be comprised of collaborative learning, (contextual and active), dream interpretation exercises, discussions, minimum lectures, project-based, self-directed, and mentorship. The testing method will be formative and summative self-assessment given throughout the course via feedback, group work, and discussion threads.
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