JANUARY 2023 Fasting Guide
“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” (Matthew 5:14)
WELCOME To The 21-Days Prayer & Fasting!
01/09/23 to 01/29/23
Fasting Daily 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
It is that time again! There is no better way to restructure, energize, and transform your spiritual life than starting the New Year 2023 with prayer and fasting. Each year Victory House International Ministries dedicates the first weeks of the year seeking God’s heart, seeking direction for the Ministry, and our personal lives. What an honor and privilege. 
We are praying for you! We pray for the Holy Spirit’s direction in your life more and more. We pray for divine ‘vision’ of God, a Godly understanding of Him, and for His ways in your life and throughout the earth. Pray for a deeper relationship with Him. We anticipate a great move of the Holy Spirit. 
When we obey the command to call upon the Lord through fasting and praying, He provides confidence that He will answer and show us great and might things we could never figure out on our own.  Fasting and praying are God’s nuclear weapons, especially for this season! (Mark 9:29)
Please refer below to the 2023 Prayer Calendar.
To follow our 2023 prayer & fasting, click on the guides below:
Commit to praying at home or on your lunch time.
If you have unique physical problems that would make fasting dangerous or unhealthy, please do not alter or stop your prescribed regimen of medications or eating and drinking without first consulting with your physician. Do not be ashamed if you cannot fast from eating food. Instead, choose another way to fast, such as giving up social media, TV, your favorite sweets and spend more time in prayer, etc. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.